The Artists

David Cuthbert

The work shown here is mostly from the last five years and shows my return to using oil paint. I have become interested in 'portmanteau' imagery containing allusions to landscape and the human figure. The Lamentation series is inspired by a preparatory drawing by Rembrandt - Lamenatation at the Foot of the Cross, which is in the British Museum. This immensely rich, unfinished work full of fascinating ambiguities became something of a gold mine of visual ideas for me. Since then I have produced a series of paintings and drawings inspired by a visit to Coney Island. I used the the structures of the rides and sideshows to house images from popular art, history and myth. The mosrt recent work is more intuitively made. In them I have allowed ambiguous images to arise, playing with colour. line and form.

Ros Cuthbert

Ros has been a practising artist since graduating from the Central School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London, in 1977. She has also been a jazz singer for 20 years. Currently she is touring nationally a theatre show called “MathildaMathilda” devised and performed with her daughter Tomasin Cuthbert of Soap Soup Theatre. This was inspired by her art and her love of jazz and song writing, and brings all together in an exciting gestaltkunstwerk. For performance schedule please go to
In 1981 Ros won 2nd prize in the National Portrait Gallery’s portrait painting competition, and was commissioned by the Gallery to paint a double portrait of Group Captain Cheshire and Lady Rider. This led to various commissions and she still enjoys painting portraits to commission. She has also worked with still life or landscape as her subject matter in the UK, France, Italy, the Australian Outback and the Amazon.
In 1993 she founded Yellow Fox Press and produced several books of poetry illustrated with her wood engravings. Her paintings at that time reflected the clarity and attention to detail of the wood engravings.
More recently Ros has returned to the figure. A series of paintings of performers and performance has led to working with collage and paint. Currently she is exploring themes of separateness, vulnerability, rebellion, relationship and joy, often using dolls from her doll collection as models or muses.