1. Do you teach absolute beginners?
    • Yes, we welcome beginners, improvers and experienced painters. Because our classes are small, typically no more than a dozen people per class, we are able to teach on an individual basis.
  2. Do you provide materials?
    • We don’t provide materials free, but we do have a small shop selling the basic things – watercolour tubes, paper, oil and acrylic paint, brushes, boards and other drawing materials.
  3. Can I come to classes by just dropping in on the odd day?
    • Yes you can drop in on a class, but it is preferred if you could telephone beforehand to let us know when you are coming. The drop-in fee is more than you would pay for each day if you paid for a whole term.
  4. What qualifications do the tutors have?
    • Ros Cuthbert has an MA from the Royal College of Art and a BA from the Central School of Art & Design. David Cuthbert has a Dip.A.D from the Central School of Art & Design and an Art Teacher’s Diploma from the London Institute of Education.
  5. Do you do classes for children?
    • We don’t do separate classes for children but on the Wednesday evening class we do have the occasional school aged child, perhaps adding work and experience to GCSE or A level Art.
  6. Do you exhibit your students’ work?
    • We do have exhibitions of our students’ work most years.
  7. How long has the centre been running?
    • The Art Shed was originally The Mendip Painting Centre founded at Rickford, North Somerset in 1971. Ros and David took it over in 1985 and in 1996 moved it to Winscombe. In 2012 the name became The Art Shed.